About Me

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Hi, My name is Tom Taylor. I work as a software consultant for Encircle Solutions based in the UK. Check us out some time, we totally rock!

I’ve been consulting and developing software and since the mid 90’s (see my portfolio). I’m currently working on the bleeding edge of Javascript/HTML5 web & mobile development. I’m using technologies such as AngularJS, Ionic, NodeJS, Sencha Touch/Ext-JS & Phonegap (Note the omission of MongoDB because I’m totally in love with Postgres). I’m passionate about agile methodologies and continuous integration using tools such as Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, Git, Karma/Jasmine/Siesta, Grunt, Loadster etc. and have much experience using them in anger on large projects to great effect.

This blog is an attempt to capture some of my fervent ramblings about the tech I’m working with, hopefully stimulate some discussion and learn some new stuff from the feedback.

I hope this blog is of some use to you and if it riles you in any way please feel free to vent your spleen in the comments sections. I always appreciate being set straight on things even if it smarts a bit! But just in case you were wondering Spammers, no I am not interested in making $2000 an hour working from home – unless it’s coding of course then bring it 😉